Mold in Attic


Attics that are not properly insulated or ventilated, can lead to moisture retention and mold growth. In order to properly control moisture and prevent it from building up, the source must be identified and the problem corrected. AdvantaClean's moisture control specialists are here to diagnose the source of your attic moisture problem and can recommend the best course of action for eliminating it.attic moisture control in McLean, VA

Attics are a common place to find mold and moisture because they lack the proper ventilation to keep humidity out. Attic water proofing should be done to prevent damages from occurring in the structure of your house. Since attics are mainly used for storage they often go unnoticed until you start to notice a mildew smell. Since we live in an area with snow, our attics can be damaged by the frigid temperatures and water that can leak through the ceiling. Water damage is a is a source of moisture and we want to prevent it the best we can.

Installing a vapor barrier in your attic will help with moisture control because it will prevent mold growth and moisture from rotting the wood. It will also lock out water from seeping through the house, potentially ruining your drywall. At AdvantaClean of Mclean, Greater Reston, and Loudon are your attic mold and moisture control experts. We specialize in efficient solutions to keep this area of your home and business as clean as possible. If you are having concerns with attic mold, moisture or water damage call us today!

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