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"Dunwoody is less than a mile from my home in Sandy Springs. I am connected to this community through the Chamber of Commerce and BNI Perimeter Partners. Many of our commercial water damage and mold jobs originate in Dunwoody due to the proliferation of business in the area. We also do residential crawlspace encapsulation and attic and crawlspace mold remediation."

- AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs Owner, Jon Smith

DUNWOODY, ga case studies

Mold Removal

Location: 30346

Problem: A customer had a mold issue that was discovered while renovating her house. There had been a serious ongoing leak that lead to a significant mold (Stachybotrys) growth.

Solution: We built containment to prevent mold spores from migrating throughout the house during remediation. The affected drywall was removed and the studs were treated with Oxypar (Very strong hydrogen peroxide and surfactants.) To ensure that all the mold had been remediated, we fogged the area inside our containment with Microban. We had an independent company take post secondary samples, due to the high level of Stachybotrys. We passed with flying colors.

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Plugged HVAC system leads to flooded Dunwoody home

Location: 30350

Problem: A customer came home to buckling floors and a strange smell downstairs. She called Advantaclean and we arrived an hour later to assess the damage and guide her through the process. The HVAC system had leaked, ruining her newly installed vinyl flooring and many of her personal items.

Solution: A barrier system was built to contain mold spores and assist with the drying process. All of the vinyl flooring and saturated drywall was removed and disposed of offsite. We brought in a commercial steam cleaning vacuum to clean and sanitize the concrete flooring. All of the surfaces were HEPA vacuumed and sanitized with Oxypar. A mold free zone was created outside of the barrier to stage all of her personal belongings once they were sanitized. It took two days to build barriers, remove materials and sort through her belongings. The drying process took three days after deconstruction had been completed.

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Water damage caused by water heater

Location: 30338

Problem: This was a small water leak caused by a faulty water heater. Approximately 50 square feet of carpeting was affected. When we arrived, water had already migrated about six inches up the walls.

Solution: To ensure mold did not develop, we removed the affected carpet padding and baseboards. Since this was clean water we were able to save and dry the carpeting. We brought in several fans and a dehumidifier. The HVAC room was unfinished, so we could get air movement on both sides of the drywall and it did not have to be removed.

Water damage mitigation in Atlanta, sewer water cleanup

Location: 30338

Problem: Our customer had category 3 water, sewer water, leak out of a pipe in the wall. There carpeting was covered with sewage.

Solution: Advantaclean of Sandy Springs removed the affected drywall and carpeting. We sanitized and scrubbed all surfaces with antimicrobial and dried out the remaining structural lumber.

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We provide the residents of Sandy Springs, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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