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I searched and obtained a few estimates from other companies, however I felt compelled to choose AdvantaClean and Jon in particular as he was professional, knowledgeable, and really took his time to explain to me the process. He was honest, upfront, and complete in his inspection of my home and did not try and sell me a "whole lot of extra things" I did not need . Jon's estimate was accurate, the work was done in the time specified, and looked even better than I had hoped. He provided suggestions to prevent any future mold growth. I would highly recommend him and his company.

- Robert M. Atlanta, Georgia

Our Promise To You

At Advantaclean of Sandy Springs we quote a fair price and we do not up sell or tack on extras. I grow my business through great work and satisfied customers, not horrendous charges and lots of advertising. We will not turn a $3000 dollar job into an $8000 dollar job by selling you fancy sounding procedures, coatings or leaving equipment longer than necessary. Although we do encapsulations, more often than not they are not needed, and I am not going to try to sell one unless it is needed.

Our explanations are simple and make sense, so are our recommendations. We do not believe in performing a mold remediation without providing you with a solution to prevent fungal return, unless your only goal is to sell the house. 90% of mold problems can be prevented with a good vapor barrier, gutters that are in good working order and an appropriate dehumidifier.

mold removal in Atlanta, GA

Mold Remediation in Atlanta, GA

Many companies in Atlanta offer mold remediation, due to the lack of regulation not found in other states. From your insulation companies to your pest control companies, everyone wants to add mold to their list of offerings.

The lack of regulation helps to keep prices lower than in a state with strict mold regulations, such as Texas. However, when your pest control company decides that their technicians are mold experts too, you start to get mixed results when it comes to the quality of remediation.

We specialize in mold removal, water damage restoration and crawl space encapsulations only! Three very similar fields that complement each other and allow us to address our customers complete moisture control needs. 80% of our reviews are based off our quality residential and commercial mold work we do here in Atlanta, GA.

Our Mold Removal Procedures

1) Mold must first be physically removed, dead mold spores can cause many of the same issues as live mold spores, and the majority of testing does not differentiate between the two.

2) A product must be used that penetrates several millimeters into the wood or substrate being remediated. This penetration is critical to remove the soil load and the root structure of the mold. If you just kill what is on the surface, the mold will be back in no time, sometimes worse than before due to the added moisture of remediation.

3) Mold staining must be addressed. When mold grows, certain types especially, enzymes are produced that physically discolor and change the appearance of wood. We use some of the strongest commercially available stain removers on the market. These stain removers drastically improve the appearance of an attic or crawlspace, occasionally eliminating any trace of a mold issue.

We put the area being remediated under strong negative pressure, this helps to prevent mold spores and chemical fumes from migrating into living areas. Although there will be a smell, due to the concentrated nature of the chemicals being used, it is far less than most companies that elect for standard sized air movers. We chose to go big when it comes to negative air pressure. Our superior air movement helps to dry the structure during remediation, so dehumidification requirements are less and our customers will be left with a drier home than before we arrived.

Mold Testing

We offer swab and air testing with exceptionally fast return times. All our samples are collected by Advantaclean technicians and processed by EMSL labs.

Mold Remediation Containment area Mold removal containment area Mold Containment Area

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We provide the residents of Sandy Springs, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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