About Us

AdvantaClean of South Austin is owned and operated by George McMillan.

George is the President of McMillan Family Interests LLC and the driving force behind the small family business, we operate as AdvantaClean Environmental of South Austin. He spent 16 years working in small businesses with his father immersed in property and facilities management and home and general facility construction. After his father retired George worked for 28 years in the IT sector as a software/hardware engineer specializing in mentoring, writing articles and how-to manuals for people implementing and using the business (CRM) and engineering (CADD, GIS) solutions he and teams he led developed.

These unique experiences are brought to bear in the delivery of mentoring and planning services all of our customers and customer prospects enjoy, gratis, as part of this AdvantaClean location’s service offering. George is an asset that customers all have access to which helps them understand how to manage and make insurance work for them, how to visualize through precise planning tools (plan drawings, detailed logs, accurate costing and risk planning), coordination (as your personal quarterback) of all aspects of the project for you/with you.

About: Trades You Need…

Although we leave them unnamed here, we felt it was important to talk ABOUT trades we refer. Our standard for them is a family values standard we talk about in the other ABOUT topics on our family members who provide you service. George McMillan acts as your quarterback but the team you need almost always includes other trades.

George McMillan personally interviews all trades and monitors all activities and customer feedback through the project. AdvantaClean does not pay out “referral fees” and requires our trade referrals act the same. Our only requirement of the trades we refer for sharing the most precious commodity we have (our customer) is that they treat our customers as we do; as if they were our neighbor or a family member.

Trades we refer to you, these family oriented small business people, may not be cheap but are always reasonable and our experience with these trades must have proved they stand by their work (completeness and quality). All of us are encouraged to inspire everyone working for you to seek out the root cause of your problem, perform the correction in a way the risk of any future recurrence is reduce if not eliminated, and help you to understand your role in making your property resist future insults.

AdvantaClean owner George McMillan

We provide the residents of South Austin, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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The AdvantaClean Promise to You

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