Baton Rouge, LA Attic Issues and Solutions

Attic Moisture AdvantaClean Baton RougeMost homes and commercial properties have attics. Attics are home to insulation, pipes, wiring, and wood framing just like crawl spaces. And like crawl spaces, their dark, relatively undisturbed environment is a prime breeding ground for rodents and insects and is a potential breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Attics are also at risk for moisture buildup due to leaking plumbing or roofs.

Attic Inspections

Attic Moisture and Rodents AdvantaClean of Baton Rouge

It can be extremely difficult to access every corner of an attic. Most attics don’t have floors, and access is restricted by insulation, plumbing, and wiring. Because most attics are not regularly accessed, they are a prime target for insect and rodent activity, which can damage stored items, wood framing, wiring, and insulation. AdvantaClean technicians are trained in safely inspecting residential and commercial attics. By having your attic inspected each year, you protect your building and it’s occupants from the hazards that can develop in a neglected attic.

Attic Weatherproofing

Attic Moisture Insulation AdvantaClean Baton Rouge

Attics don’t receive the same air circulation as the rest of a home or commercial property, and are often less insulated than occupied areas of a building. Throw in chewed eaves, vents, and insulation due to rodents, and an attic can become a major source of lost energy in any property. Our technicians are able to identify any potential weatherproofing issues with your attic and make recommendations on how you can more effectively weatherproof your attic, saving yourself thousands in unnecessary energy costs.

Attic Cleaning

Attic Moisture Cleaning AdvantaClean Baton Rouge

Dirt and debris can build up in any attic that isn’t regularly cleaned. Attics are often home to insects and rodents, who can leave food, excrement, and carcasses as evidence of their activity. This debris is a primary breeding ground for bacteria that can pose serious health risks to building occupants.

AdvantaClean of Baton Rouge can thoroughly clean your residential or commercial attic, preventing bacteria growth and discouraging future insect or rodent activity.

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