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Attic mold often grows in cold and damp climates wherein moisture combines with roof sheathing. The problem occurs when moisture comes in contact with the cellulose structure of the roof sheathing, which leads to fungal growth.

attic mold and moisture in Seattle, WA

What causes attic mold invasion?

Poor ventilation, disconnected ducting, and ill designed roof structures are the major reasons behind attic mold invasion in the Bellevue area. Climatic conditions also act as a catalyst in this area. A cool climate results in high level of humidity in winters, which boosts the growth of mold. When warm damp air comes in contact with your attic space, it quickly interacts with the cold surface of the roof sheathing. When the dew point is reached, water condenses on the surface and makes the surface wet. This creates a conducive atmosphere for the growth of attic mold.

How is attic mold removed?

Encapsulation is a very popular and reliable technique to deal with the problem of attic mold. It involves the application of chemical treatment for the destruction of active spores of mold. This process is started only after the problem of underlying moisture has been dealt with.
We at AdvantaClean in Bellevue are also adept in following more sophisticated techniques of mold and moisture removal such as power sanding or ice blasting. Our experts know how they are to create a balance between air moving in and out of attics. We focus more on removing the root cause of mold growth. So what are you thinking? Make a call and schedule a meeting.

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