Don't Let a Little Leak Turn into a Big Problem!

Don't Let a Little Leak Turn into a Big Problem!

Unwelcome moisture in homes has been associated with respiratory illnesses and other health problems. Mold and bacteria can start to grow within 24 hours of a moisture intrusion, and dust mites are more inclined to take up residence in a home with high humidity and moisture.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't procrastinate taking care of a moisture problem:

  1. Bacteria: moisture is a prime breeding ground for bacteria, and no amount of anti-bacterial cleaning products can compensate for a water problem.
  2. Pests: when there is a lot of water damage in a home, there tends to be a higher allergen count from pests such as mice and cockroaches.
  3. Dust Mites: dust mites thrive in temperatures near 80 degrees and humidity levels above 60% (keep your house at below 50% humidity to stop dust mite growth); air conditioning has proven to be helpful to people with dust mite allergies because it continuously and simultaneously cools and dehumidifies the air.
  4. Mold: respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions can be a direct result of mold exposure.

If you see mold growth, you need to quickly eliminate the source of moisture and remove the damp material. The best way to prevent damp walls and floorboards is to avoid condensation. Vent your bathroom, your kitchen, and your dryer to the outside. If venting isn't an option, keep a window open. If you notice a leak or water intrusion, fix the problem and dry the wet material immediately.