Keeping up with your Kitchen and Bathroom

Keeping up with your Kitchen and Bathroom

Your kitchen and your bathroom are two common areas to find mold growth - especially underneath sinks. Even simple tactics like cleaning your sinks and counters with antibacterial solutions can help deter bacteria and keep you and your family safe.

Clean and disinfect hard surface floors regularly using a disinfectant cleaner to remove dust and dirt and to help prevent mold growth. If your floors are wood, use a product that is safe on wood surfaces.

Do not use the same utensils for uncooked food without washing them first - bacteria left from meats and vegetables can flourish.

Wipe up spills in the refrigerator with a disinfecting wipe - this also helps to prevent mold growth.

Keep the bathroom clean and well-ventilated. Fans can help circulate the air and remove moisture.

Launder and replace towels frequently.

Clean shower curtains with a suitable disinfectant, or launder them according to the curtain manufacturer's instructions.

If you use a toilet brush, make sure it is clean and dry after each use.

Wipe up any water around the base of the toilet and around the base of the bathtub or shower - this is where moisture and bacteria are likely to collect.

For more information on indoor air quality and mold prevention, visit the AdvantaClean webpage.