Maintaining a Healthy Living Room

Maintaining a Healthy Living Room

Simple modifications to your daily routine may help you keep germs and allergens at bay. By doing these simple things you can make your environment healthier and safer for yourself and your family.

Keep your living room clean and free from excess molds and bacteria:

Use a disinfectant to clean commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs.

Keep the windows closed and use air conditioning if you are allergic to pollen. Fans tend to spread around dust.

Replace air filters frequently, and have your air ducts cleaned regularly.

Use a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter if you have a forced air furnace.

Avoid damp areas where molds collect like basements, garages, crawl spaces - clean these areas often. You may want to think about installing a dehumidifier in these areas, but be sure to clean it every week.

Consider not allowing pets in the bedroom and be sure to bathe pets often.

Vacuum twice a week.

When possible, choose hardwood floors instead of carpeting. If you must have carpeting, choose low pile material.

Avoid long drapes - longer drapes tend to collect dust.

Wash shower curtains and bathroom tiles with anti-bacterial cleaning products.

Avoid overstuffed furniture and down-filled bedding or pillows.

Limit throw rugs to reduce dust and mold. If you do have rugs, make sure they are washable.

For more information on indoor air quality, visit the AdvantaClean webpage.