Stay Cool Summer Cleaning Tips

Stay Cool Summer Cleaning Tips

Here's a refreshing thought for summer cleaning: now you don't have to break into a sweat any longer to keep your home looking its best.


Want to cut down on mold growth in your bathroom grout and shower tracks? Keep your bathroom exhaust fan running while you take a bath or shower and for 30 minutes afterward. It helps eliminate excess mold.

Stop dirt in its track.

Your best home investment in summer, bar none, is a sturdy nylon mat-one for each doorway. A no-shoes rule also helps cut down on dirt; create shelving near an entrance where shoes can be left and retrieved easily.

No-scrub showers.

There's nothing I hate more than cleaning a hot humid shower stall during summer. That's why I love the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. Its heavy-duty formula is sprayed on all four walls automatically, at the touch of a button. You don't even have to wipe it down, and it will clean soap scum and mold and mildew stains over time. This is truly the no-sweat way to always have a clean shower.

Cleaner toilets, faster.

Cleaning toilet bowls is one of my least favorite chores, especially in summer, when bathrooms really steam up. The textured scrubby pad on the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2-in-1 Toilet Cleaning System cuts down on hard-scrubbing time and scrubs better than an ordinary toilet brush. And it's so easy-the long handle helps your hands stay clean.

Soap alert.

A hair conditioner I loved always left a ring around my tub. A bath soap my husband also favored left chalky white residue on the shower walls. So we tried out different soaps to see which left the least residue. Keep experimenting until you find what's right for you.

Dust busting.

The Pledge Multi Surface Duster is such a joy to use. It includes a unique multi-surface spray right in the handle-and the fluffy fibers are especially designed to optimize your dust pickup. The bendable head and extra long handle let me dust hard-to-reach areas easily. It just seems to make my dusting go faster, and all that's left behind is a great shine.

Cool down and filter.

Air conditioning does more than keep your home cool. It allows you to keep windows closed so dust stays outdoors. If you like to keep windows open, use window filters that keep airborne particulates and dust out of your home. I purchased mine at my local hardware store and I love them-they also keep out pollen!

Spot-free sink spouts.

Wiping your stainless steel fixtures with Pledge Mulit Surface Cleaner will help remove dust buildup, smudges and smears easily.

Sweet-smelling trash cans.

Garbage smells even worse in summer heat, but you don't have to commit to heavy scrubbing. Just store extra liners on the bottom of your trash can to protect it from spills and leaks. If a bag gets soiled, just discard it; otherwise, pull up the next bag as your liner. And summer is a great time to spray down your cans outdoors with a hose and a little dish soap-think about doing it when you wash your car.

For more information on mold and air duct cleanings, visit the AdvantaClean website.