Airtight Conditions May Pose IAQ Risk

Airtight Conditions May Pose IAQ Risk
These days, most apartments and houses are built in such a way that heating and cooling efficiency relies on airtight conditions. Although this saves energy and is considered safer for the house, it also takes much longer for new (fresh) air to get inside the house, thus extending the amount of time it takes for new air to exchange itself with stale air.

As you can guess, this can make the indoor air quality less than satisfactory. Inevitably, some homes are going to experience a build-up of unhealthy air contaminated by indoor pollutants. Consequently, this may cause allergic reactions caused by indoor irritants such as smoke, plant pollen, animal dander and even mold spores.

What do you do then, you ask? Have a NADCA Certified duct cleaning company evaluate your air duct system and make a recommendation for cleaning (if necessary).

If you would like to learn more about AdvantaClean's duct cleaning process, and to see if duct cleaning might be a solution for your indoor air quality concerns, give us a call!