Mold Turns Dream Home into Nightmare

Mold Turns Dream Home into Nightmare

"In May of 2007 we discovered mold in a bedroom behind a shower stall. No big deal. We hired a company to tear it out and clean it up. They did.

In May of 2008 we found another mold problem under an upstairs shower. As we were going through the process, Andrea (my wife) discovered some information that troubled her. We did an air test in the house and the spore count for "black mold" or "Stachybotrys" was off the charts.

As we looked back over the preceding year, the kids were always sick with unexplainable illnesses. The dog was sick. A bird died. This time we had the house remediated correctly and went about trying to get the kids healthy again. But in October, after the illnesses continued, we contacted two experts who said we should vacate the house immediately.

On October 4th, 2008, we left our home and everything in it behind."

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