Preventing Mold in the Kitchen

Preventing Mold in the Kitchen

By Jim Brown via RestorationSOS Published: February 18, 2006

Finding mold in the kitchen is not rare. The heat usually generated in the kitchen, together with the natural presence of water lead to high humidity levels and promoting mold growth.

Mold prevention in the kitchen is significantly important because in the kitchen, mold has higher chances of spoiling food, leading to serious illness in addition to other common hazards.

Since water and humidity are the basic conditions mold needs in order to flourish, the most important tool for mold prevention is a routine inspection for leaks and water damage. (Prevent water damage in the kitchen).

Generally, the kitchen can be kept mold free by keeping it clean, and dry. In addition, the following tools will help keeping your kitchen mold proof:

  • Turn on the exhaust fun whenever you use the stove. This will remove excess moisture and heat out of your kitchen. (This also a great tool for odor control)
  • Check behind you refrigerator regularly and vacuum dust from the coils at the back. If you have a drip pan, empty it frequently and check for mold signs.
  • Keep your drains and AC condensation lines in good shape. It is recommended to pour a little bleach down them every three to four months.

Clean moldy areas immediately when you detect it. Do not allow mold to spread. If the moldy area is moderate to extensive (how can I determine?), hire professional help.

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