Spring Flooding: 'Almost Half the Country' at Risk

Spring Flooding: 'Almost Half the Country' at Risk
ABC News - Ned Potter - March 17, 2011

After a rugged winter, the National Weather Service has put out a long-term forecast for a rugged spring as snow melts and rivers swell, especially in the Upper Midwest and parts of the Northeast near New York City.

"Almost half the country - from the North Central U.S. through the Midwest and the Northeast - has an above-average risk of flooding over the next few weeks," said the Weather Service in its quarterly outlook. Take a look at their summary HERE and click on their map to enlarge:

The flooding projections are mostly based on melting snowpack and likely spring rains. But some of the flooding risk can be blamed on rains as long ago as last summer, when heavy rains saturated the ground before the winter freeze. The Weather Service says the snowpack in the north-central U.S. is "among the highest of the last 60 years."

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