Toy Story...with a Twist!

Toy Story...with a Twist!
Charlotte, NC - Robert and Elizabeth Smith were newlyweds who purchased their 2,000 square foot home from another young family. The sellers obviously had children that found it entertaining to hide things in the floor vents. This is where the story begins.

The first improvement that Robert and Elizabeth wanted to make was replacing the central air handler because the system had low output and could not efficiently heat or cool the residence. The realtor knew that the Thompson's plan was to fix-up and flip the house so she recommended they call AdvantaClean of Charlotte to clean all of their air ducts.

The AdvantaClean crew began to clean the downstairs system when they observed that nothing was coming out of the exit line and into the duct collection vacuum. "That was the first sign that this was an extremely unusual job" Kelvin, an AdvantaClean Tech commented. "With 175 psi of compressed air discharging from the air whip and 2500 CFM of vacuum pressure we can generally dislodge and capture any and all debris in the ductwork." A quick increase in output pressure from the air snake and several pieces of large debris quickly went knocking through the transparent vacuum tube and landed in the collection unit. Several more "thuds" of debris quickly followed. "This was odd", he explained. "We checked the collection unit and found a surprise that we had never encountered before - toys, lots of toys". "Sure, we find the occasional GI Joe that has found its way into the foxhole of residential ductwork, but these were large toys, and a lot of them; you could say that it appeared as if someone had stuffed an entire rack of a toy store into the ductwork."

The duct cleaning continued and after it was all said and done the crew had extracted over 40 lbs. of toys, cosmetics and clothing from both the supply and return sides of the ductwork; "No wonder the HVAC system was inefficient. 40+ lbs. of toys and clothing will clog air ducts every time" commented Kelvin.