Tis the Season of Caring

Tis the Season of Caring
Tis the Season of Caring

Bo and Heather Smith have been through a lot this year. Shortly after receiving the joyous news that the couple is expecting, 35-year-old Bo was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The high school football coach began his battle against Leukemia a few months ago through chemotherapy in Winston-Salem, North Carolina which is an hour-long commute from his home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

To make matters worse, the couple discovered mold in their crawlspace and were additionally advised to have their air duct system cleaned because Bo cannot be exposed to mold spores. Unfortunately, with medical bills piling up, paying for remediation proved difficult until a fellow church member learned of the Smith's dilemma and recommended they call AdvantaClean.

AdvantaClean reached out to the greater Charlotte area franchise owners, and the response was overwhelming! Three franchise owners volunteered their time and effort to help make the Smith's home a healthy, comfortable environment for Bo to live in.

Between the three of them and their crews, the Smith's home was rid of mold from top to bottom. What they found was mold in the crawlspace, on floor joists, on insulation, and in and around the ductwork. They knocked the work out in about three days.

Heather mentioned the remediation and the duct cleaning in an online journal that she keeps updated for family and friends regarding Bo's progress. To learn more about Bo and Heather Smith, click here to read the online journal.

Happy Holidays!