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  • Severe Thunderstorms - Be Prepared

    Severe Thunderstorms - Be Prepared
    Severe Weather Expert Dr. Greg Forbes expects a substantial round of severe thunderstorms this week, from Tuesday through Wednesday, throughout the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic. What does that mean ...
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  • Mold Scam Warning Signs

    Mold Scam Warning Signs
    Here are a few signs that you might be talking to the wrong person about your mold problem: They immediately overemphasize the health hazards of mold. They tell you that you've got "the bad mold." ...
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  • Biological Pollutants

    Biological Pollutants
    Poor indoor air quality can cause headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea, and even fatigue, according to the American Lung Association . They particularly warn against biological pollutants ...
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