Severe Thunderstorms - Be Prepared

Severe Thunderstorms - Be Prepared

Severe Weather Expert Dr. Greg Forbes expects a substantial round of severe thunderstorms this week, from Tuesday through Wednesday, throughout the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic.

What does that mean for your home? If you're not careful, it could mean water damage.

FEMA suggests following these guidelines to protect your home from water damage:

  • Roof - The roof of your house is most vulnerable to damage from high winds. The connection between roof and walls must be strong enough to resist the "uplift" effect of strong winds. Roof trusses or rafters should be tied properly to exterior walls with metal hurricane connectors or straps.
  • Windows - Installing storm shutters over all exposed windows and other glass surfaces is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your home. Cover all windows, French doors, sliding glass doors and skylights.
  • Doors - Doors with windows will need storm shutters for protection from flying debris.
  • Garage Doors - Garage doors can pose a problem because they are so large they wobble as high winds blow and can pull out of their tracks or collapse from wind pressure. Some garage doors can be reinforced with retrofit kits. Check with your local building supplies dealer or home improvement store.

If you've experienced water damage, AdvantaClean can help.