Allergy Alert

Allergy Alert

An estimated 50 million Americans (that's one in five!) suffer from all types of allergies.

So what are the most wanted culprits that are responsible for indoor allergies?

The most common culprit is mold. Mold spores float in the air, like pollens, and are present throughout the year. They may be more likely to be found in dark indoor spaces like attics, below-ground basements and playrooms, and bathrooms (from leaky faucets and drip pans).

The second perpetrator that comes to mind is the indoor house dust mite, a microscopic spider mite that loves to inhabit your mattress and pillows (in fact, there are up to 10 million mites in bedding).

Third, approximately 10 million people are allergic to pet dander - and yet pets are found in over 100 million households in the US!

What can you do to help keep your allergy triggers at bay?

You might want to consider cleaning your air duct system. Pollen and mold spores can get trapped in your duct work, which means that it's being continuously circulated throughout the air you breath at home. If you need your air ducts cleaned, call AdvantaClean - a nationwide company that specializes in air duct cleaning, and start breathing easier today!