Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

The glut of foreclosed homes on the market may seem like a bargain during this house-hunting season, but could turn into a bust because of the consequences of hidden mold.

Foreclosed and forgotten:

  • As homes are foreclosed and vacated, the power is typically turned off. In the winter month, vacant homes without heat are prime candidates for uncontrolled leaks, burst pipes and vandalism.
  • Within minutes of water intrusion, excessive moisture begins to cause damage to structural components and finished surfaces. Left unchecked, the moisture can quickly result in mold growth and degradation of the quality of the indoor environment.
  • In the summer months, temperature and humidity levels skyrocket leading to conditions that are ripe for mold to grow unchecked.


Home buyers can protect themselves from unexpected costs associated with mold issues.
  • Pay for a mold inspection prior to purchasing a home by hiring an indoor air quality specialist to inspect for mold. If a problem is discovered, bring in a certified remediation company to properly remove the mold.

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