Allergies? There's an App For That!

Allergies? There's an App For That!

You know how people always joke "There's an app for that"? Well, in this case - there is!

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported on various smartphone apps for early warnings on airborne allergens and for tracking symptoms.

AllergyAlert is a free iPhone and Android app that displays's allergy and pollen forecast for your zip code. You'll either enter a zip manually or allow the app to access your location. Additional indexes show risks for those suffering from asthma, the relative danger of ultraviolet exposure, and the prevalence of cold and flu symptoms.

AsthmaMD, free from Mobile Breeze for Apple devices, is for asthma sufferers and their doctors. A "wizard" takes the user through a profile setup to begin a diary of symptoms, asthma triggers and medications.

Air Quality Pro, an iPhone app from Mobeezio Inc., reports the air-quality-index numbers for your location, based on GPS. A color-coded key - from green for good to purple for very, very bad - provides a quick reference. If you enable a notification feature, the app will display your location's index number with the app's icon on your phone's screen.

While you can't necessarily do anything to improve the quality of the outdoor air, one way that you can help improve your allergies is to make sure that your indoor air is pollen-free. Try cleaning your air duct system - pollen and mold spores can get trapped in your duct work, which means that it's being continuously circulated throughout the air you breath at home.

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