Fall Season & Allergies

Fall Season & Allergies

CBS News recently released an article about allergies during the fall season -

"Fall is typically a very busy time for mold allergies. Levels are usually moderate to high. It's related to the temperature changes, as well as all the leaves and other plants decaying," says Allegheny General Hospital allergist Dr. Deborah Gentile. "We're seeing several people per day with mold allergies. About 30 percent of the population in general does have allergies. So this can be a big one."

It's common for people to have colds this time of year, too. So how do you tell the difference between a cold and mold allergies?

"When you first get a cold you feel a sore throat. You never feel a sore throat with allergies," she explains. And if symptoms last more than two or three weeks, it may be allergies.

So what can you do to help reduce your mold allergy triggers?

You might want to consider cleaning your air duct system. Pollen and mold spores can get trapped in your duct work, which means that it's being continuously circulated throughout the air you breath at home.

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