Laundry Rooms & Mold

Laundry Rooms & Mold

Laundry rooms offer the perfect climate for mold growth - heat and humidity. Taking steps to control humidity and quick clean-up can help reduce the possibility of future problems.

Keep your laundry room clean and free from excess molds:

  • Don't hang clothes or linens out to dry, as molds may collect in them and can make your allergies worse.
  • Have your dryer vent cleaned at least every other year to avoid overworking your dryer (which can potentially cause laundry room fires).
  • Remove laundry from the washing machine promptly; don't leave wet clothes in the washer.
  • Keep humidity in the laundry room below fifty percent. (Humidity can be reduced with a dehumidifier, an open window, a good ventilation system or a ceiling fan.)

If you've experienced mold damage or need your dryer serviced, AdvantaClean can help.