Small Leaks & Water Damage

Small Leaks & Water Damage

Even a small leak can turn into a big problem. But the truth is that a leaky pipe can damage your furniture and other personal possessions, and flooding can very quickly lead to problems with mold.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't procrastinate taking care of a moisture problem:

  • Bacteria - moisture is a prime breeding ground for bacteria, and no amount of anti-bacterial cleaning products can compensate for a water problem.
  • Pests - when there is a lot of water damage in a home, there tends to be a higher allergen count from pests such as mice and cockroaches.
  • Dust Mites - dust mites thrive in temperatures near 80 degrees and humidity levels above 60% (keep your house at below 50% humidity to stop dust mite growth); air conditioning has proven to be helpful to people with dust mite allergies because it continuously and simultaneously cools and dehumidifies the air.
  • Mold - respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions can be a direct result of mold exposure.

If you see mold growth, you need to quickly eliminate the source of moisture and remove the damp material. If you notice a leak or water intrusion, fix the problem and dry the wet material immediately.

If you've experienced water damage, AdvantaClean can help.