Eliminating Home Dust

Eliminating Home Dust

Hey there, football fans!

Football season is finally here! And wouldn't you rather spend more time watching the games on your TV and less time wiping the dust off of it?

Homeowners are generally diligent about cleaning their homes to eliminate dust and dirt from floors, furniutre, and fixtures. But if you're not cleaning your air conditioning ducts, all of that dust that you're cleaning may be getting sucked in through your air conditioning ducts and then continuously spread throughout the home all over again!

Here are a few signs and indicators that you might be in need of duct cleaning:

  • When cleaning, you need to sweep and dust your furniture more than usual.
  • After cleaning, there's still left over home dust floating around the house that you can see.
  • Rooms in your house have little or no air flow coming from the air conditioning ducts.
  • You're constantly getting sick or are experience more allergies from dust than usual.
  • When you turn on the furnace or air conditioner there's musty or stale odor.

If you need your air ducts cleaned, call AdvantaClean - a nationwide company that specializes in air duct cleaning, and start breathing easier (and dusting less) today!