Big Savings for Businesses: Benefits of Commercial Coil Cleaning

Big Savings for Businesses: Benefits of Commercial Coil Cleaning

The building management team of 1500 Broadway in New York City was considering costly upgrades for the environmental control systems. They had no way to calculate the value in their investment.

ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.) partnered with the owners to see what impact an air conditioner coil cleaning might have. The test analyzed the HVAC energy use before and after restoring two of their four air handlers that provided heating and air to the building's 34 floors of tenants. The data developed during this study allowed them to more accurately calculate a payback.

Here's what they found:


  • $40,000 in energy savings per year, according to proper maintenance of air handler and coil cleaning.


  • 25% increase in thermal efficiency of cooling coil (ability to transfer energy).


  • 10%-15% reduction in time of multiple chiller operation, as well as associated equipment (pumps, cooling towers, wear and tear).


  • 30-year-old HVAC system can now closely perform at its original capacity.

The Department of Energy is using data like this to show how energy-smart investments are laying the foundation for new industries in America; even making new recommendations for commercial maintenance plans. The advances have proven to cut energy use in more than 200 million square feet of building space.

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