Prep for Winter: Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Prep for Winter: Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Take advantage of the perfect weather to repair any damages before the first frost sets in. You can prep for winter with this simple Fall Home Maintenance Checklist:

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist:

  • DIY Energy Audit: Try sliding a dollar bill in seals of insulation of doors and windows. If the bill fits, then the gap is allowing energy loss. You can simply repair this yourself with a variety of door/window insulation strips of plastic.
  • Check for moisture build up in your basement by duct-taping a garbage bag on the basement floor for 24-hours. If you can see the outline of the bag when you remove it, then there is definitely moisture that is seeping through the concrete. If you see water pooling due to clogged gutters or misdirected downspouts, consider having your gutters cleaned and/or installing downspout extensions - a simple and low cost way to fix a bigger potential problem.
  • NEVER store old paint near the furnace. This is a major fire hazard. There is really no need to keep old paint. Instead, peel off the labels and keep them in a notebook so that you can reference them in-the-future!
  • The hood filter of your kitchen range can actually be cleaned in your dishwasher! Cleaning your hood filter can protect against house fires as well.
  • Grape Kool-Aid test: Pour a packet (without the sugar, of course) in the toilet tank. If the water in the toilet bowl turns purple without flushing it, then your toilet is leaking and probably needs a new flapper or other seals.
  • Air filters should be changed every 90 days in the heating season. We close up our homes and spend more time indoors during cool months. This means air is not as likely to escape, and increases the likelihood for microbial or mold growth in winter. Keep your ducts clean as well.

More Info? Feel free to share these Healthy Home and Business tips with your friends and family. No matter where you live, seasonal changes are a good reminder to tend to your home!