Sustainable Safety for New York's Coastline

Sustainable Safety for New York's Coastline

It is no secret that New York City's coastline would be ill prepared should another hurricane hit the Big Apple. Last October, the rising waters could make their way without difficulty - while homes, businesses and whole communities are still feeling Sandy's impact.

Recently, a nonprofit design firm named Terreform considered improvements which could construct a more resilient coastline to prevent flooding. The plan incorporates submerged Navy ships to create a buffer zone to shield the city from another super storm.

Mitch Joachim created what he calls a "riparian buffer zone". It can handle tremendous amounts of water; the design also transforms the landscape into additional land that can be used as a park.

The waterway-dumping trend in New York is nothing new - depositing old construction waste is what historical places like Battery Park City are built on - artificial land created from 'junk'.

But Joachim notes that his new plans to sink ships in order to create a protective barrier, as well as provide more recreational outdoor space for the public, should be deemed "upcycling", or 'adaptive re-use', he says.

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