Coil Cleaning and Crossing the Sustainability Chasm

Coil Cleaning and Crossing the Sustainability Chasm

Coil Cleaning and Crossing the Sustainability Chasm:
How Companies Achieved Energy Efficiency Goals

IBM recently released a white paper summarizing the sustainability initiatives of some of the largest companies in the world to find out how they successfully crossed the sustainability chasm...

130 professionals responsible for planning and implementing sustainability initiatives for federal and local government agencies surveyed large companies.

Private sector planners worked for companies with revenues that exceeded $1 billion in revenue, and all public sector respondents were responsible for an operating budget that exceeded $1 billion.

Energy efficiency surprisingly ranked as a top priority for sustainability professionals. Companies who achieved sustainability goals found that reducing energy consumption has a direct return-on-investment.


$40,000 of energy savings per year were found in a coil cleaning case study.

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Coil Cleaning and Crossing the Sustainability Chasm:
Results show Energy Efficiency is key

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, IBM's report confirms:

  • Buildings consume 49% of total energy use.
  • 76% of total energy consumption accounts for actual building operations.
  • Space heating and cooling accounts for the largest operational consumption - 40% of a typical building's energy usage.

How your company can cross the sustainability chasm: O&M Management Strategy

Results indicate the HVAC system is the largest consumer of energy - identifying HVAC system maintenance as the key target for reducing energy usage.

The two common maintenance practices to reduce the current HVAC system's energy:

Replace the current system with a more energy efficient model: This tactic is very costly, and often unnecessary.

Improve the efficiency and performance of the current HVAC system: An effective O&M Management Plan incorporates air conditioner coil cleaning is an essential function of preventative maintenance, the performance life of the HVAC system dramatically increases and reduces costs.

Crossing the Sustainability Chasm: Coil Cleaning Best Practices

Buildup on the air conditioning coils also creates an insulated effect, preventing the coil from absorbing heat and reducing air flow, resulting in greater energy consumption.

A professional deep cleaning process enables the coils to return to their originally designed performance capacity.

Your O&M Management plan should also incorporate an energy assessment.

Proper Coil Cleaning Procedures Include:

  • Coil Cleaning substantially increases air flow: A case study saw a 25% increase in thermal efficiency of cooling coil.
  • Optimizing the efficient heat exchange process, as well as 10%-15% reduction in time of multiple chiller operations.
  • Mold Prevention: A biocide application to the coils and the drain pan can prevent potential mold growth. This also prevents corrosion to the coils and pan.
  • Energy Assessment: Coil Cleaning procedures should be documented and accompanied by pre and post-readings that demonstrate the impact of the process.

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