Summer Stay-cation Projects

Summer Stay-cation Projects

According to the Zillow® Digs™ Summer Home Improvement Trend and Spending Survey, over 60% of homeowners are taking advantage of a 'stay-cation' this summer - Opting out of pricey travel plans to make home improvements. Survey data showed that homeowners will spend an average of $1,200 on summer projects.

As we head into the long days of summer, we are seeing increased interest in outdoor spaces with very natural elements such as stone fireplaces, as well as bringing more light into bathrooms with clear glass on the walls and shower enclosures."

- Cynthia Nowak, Zillow Digs trend expert


Add curb appeal by installing brand new storm doors.

Clean lines touched with details that pop are huge trends for this summer.

Maintenance Checklist:

If you haven't worn or used items (such as clothing, linens, drapery, toys, and decorative items) over the year, donate or sell the extra stuff so it won't accumulate. Improve ventilation and insulation, tighten hardware on doors or drop-down entries, and open windows to air it out.

Change air filters for your return vents. Here is a quick reference guide to help you choose: Check out What Air Filter to Purchase for Your Home. Schedule a check up for your HVAC system/air ducts by NADCA certified technicians. Seal/insulate duct work according to your NADCA professional's recommendations.

  • Audit your attic
  • HVAC and air duct systems

More Info? Tackling summer stay-cation projects? Know the top building trends we will see in 2014!

Best Summer Stay-cation Projects

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  • Safe for Rainy Days: Downspouts, Rain gutters, and French drains are great projects for summer. Plus, they protect your property from water eroding your foundation, and draining into your crawlspace or basement. Gutters are typically installed by professionals, but you can install a French drain yourself!
  • Stylish Storm Door: Protect your home from this summer's storm season. Check out ProVia Spectrum™ Storm Doors - they have tons of customization options, and protect your home with 54 models of aluminum storm doors.
  • Streamline and Simplify:Consider bare wood floors with machine-washable area rugs - especially in high traffic areas such as living rooms and playrooms. If carpet is a must, opt for shorter pile.
  • Textile Trim Down:Textiles used as flooring, window treatments, furniture, and storage areas, etc. not only trap dust, but also actually produce it as they shed. Incorporate materials such as wood, leather, metal, etc. - They're easier to clean and don't trap dust.

DIY Summer Stay-cation Projects

Make your home more enjoyable and efficient with these summer stay-cation projects!

Find out what makes an attic healthy to complete this summer stay-cation project!