Survive Spring Allergies

Survive Spring Allergies

Survive Spring Allergies: It's in the air.

About 40 million people in the U.S. have some type of "indoor/outdoor" allergy, known as seasonal allergies.

These include allergic rhinitis (or hay fever) according to James Sublett, MD, FACAAI, a clinical professor and chief of pediatric allergy at the University of Louisville, School of Medicine.

Indoor and outdoor exposure to common triggers can make it difficult to survive spring allergies... There are some basic strategies you can use to survive this spring season!

Have your allergies been acting up lately? It turns out spring is actually in the air...

Coughing and sneezing symptoms can be easily aggravated in sensitive allergy-sufferers due to poor indoor air quality.

Survive Spring Allergies: Top Triggers

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America identified the top 4 allergy triggers:

  • Tree, grass, and weed pollen
  • Mold spores
  • Dust mite and cockroach allergens
  • Cat, dog, and rodent dander
  • High indoor air pollutant concentration

Tips to Survive Spring Allergies

  • Close doors and windows at night when pollen counts are high. Check out The Weather Channel PollenCast tool for your current pollen levels!
  • Sleeping directly in front of an air vent can have negative effects - like compromising your nasal airway passages. You can purchase a Dust-Proof Pillowcase cover to survive spring allergies!
  • IAQ Maintenance:Trapped pollen, chemicals, or perfumes re-circulate throughout your home if your A/C and duct work is not maintained.
  • Your filter needs to be replaced every 1-3 months. Check this quick reference guide to help you choose What Air Filter to Purchase for Your Home.

More Info? Keep spring clean with Dust Free Decorating tips + Make your own Allergy relief kit to survive spring allergies!

Did you know? A professional duct cleaning can rid 3 allergy triggers at once - preventing pollutants from re-circulating, and increase air-flow.