What Proactive IAQ Solutions to consider

What Proactive IAQ Solutions to consider

Today, home/property owners and occupants are more educated than ever before about contaminated indoor air quality causes (such as mold, moisture, and other bacteria). Due to increasing mold-related claims insurance companies are facing, and liability in the real estate industry. Modifications in reaction to liability coverage directly impact property owners, prompting them to make informed decisions about mold prevention.

The American Bar Association stated in a recent newsletter, "In 1999, only 12 mold lawsuits were heard in the U.S.; only two years later, that number had jumped to 12,000."

ABA reports mold damage liability in the real estate industry could "surpass asbestos in terms of case volume and value."

Three in ten homeowners are looking for IAQ improvements. Builders and contractors should consider offering preventative IAQ solutions to their customers. Plus, educating customers and adopting proactive prevention options can decrease potential liability problems, and add advantage over competition.

HVAC Systems: What Proactive IAQ Solutions to consider

  • IAQ Maintenance In addition to regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance, NADCA advises a thorough air duct cleaning performed on newly installed HVAC systems or HVAC systems undergoing renovation before the building is reoccupied and the system is permitted to operate.

Key Focus: Construction quality and HVAC systems are the top two areas IAQ improvements can be made.

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Presently, insurance companies are rushing to react to the growing number of mold-related claims; and in some states, policyholders must opt for additional $10,000 coverage "for loss caused by fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria". Affordable insurance available to builders/contractors covering mold-related problems is even more challenging to find.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have all begun to provide consumer education materials, guidelines for mold assessment and remediation.

What Proactive IAQ Solutions to consider: Construction quality

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  • Facility-Type Specifics: In large facilities and buildings, create maintenance plans and preventative practices for your customers to include in their O&M Management plan - i.e, hospitals have very stringent requirements for indoor air quality, requiring HVAC system components regularly cleaned.
  • PTAC Sanitation: More modern properties such as hotels have PTAC units, but managers do not typically regulate any type of maintenance, increasing chances for IAQ pollution.Inform your client PTAC units should be cleaned twice per year, and treated with an anti-microbial solution.
  • Key Focus: When considering what proactive IAQ solutions to offer, focus on partnerships with specialists who deliver quality maintenance services (such as air conditioning coil cleaning and duct cleaning). Offering these solutions will significantly improve energy efficiency and IAQ performance of the HVAC systems in a building - Ensuring long term client satisfaction.