Severe Winter Weather Prep

Severe Winter Weather Prep

The National Weather Service submitted an advisory early Tuesday morning that will likely affect several states in the Deep South region, advising communities to begin severe winter weather prep immediately:

Confidence is increasing in an event of historical proportions," the National Weather Service said early Tuesday. "Expect significant - crippling - ice totals from Atlanta eastward along the I-20 corridor.

severe winter weather - PAX
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Winter Storm Pax is the 16th named winter storm of this year's chilly season, predicted to bring several inches of ice and snow to eight southern states, as well as power outages and traffic gridlock.

Begin prepping your home or business immediately for extreme winter weather conditions, as heavy snow and ice buildup can create potential costly damages to your property, not-to-mention safety hazards to occupants. If you're unfamiliar with how to prepare your property, check out these tips for Severe Winter Weather Prep!

Severe Winter Weather Prep: Before the Storm

  • Healthy Attic: Keep your attic healthy and well ventilated to maintain a temperature close to that of the outdoors to minimize the risk of ice dams forming. Improper ventilation can lead to a common problem called ice damming. Ice builds up underneath shingles and causes expansion, lifting shingles and trapping moisture.This allows moisture to gain entry, stick around, and become a gateway for mold growth.
severe winter weather prep - roof damage
  • Plumbing: Wrap problem pipes with electrical heat tape. Electrical heat tape is controlled with a thermostat, and when temperatures dip to freezing, it automatically warms vulnerable pipes. Emergency plumbing tips are helpful to know for severe winter weather prep!
  • Shut off: Ensure that natural gas sources are safely secured.

Severe Winter Weather Prep: Protect Property Exterior

Melting snow and ice can cause water flood damage to your property, so take these steps to prevent water damage!

  • Secure the exterior: This can include sealing cracks, putting up plastic sheeting over openings in walls and/or roofs, and boarding up broken windows.
  • Downwind Roof Slopes: Keep an eye on snow buildup on the side of a higher-level roof; heavy snow or ice causes gutters to deteriorate. Over time, gutters can break and separate from from the building - greatly increasing risks for water damage.

Severe Winter Weather Prep: Have a Snow Removal Plan

severe winter weather prep - snow removal
  • Snow Removal: Remove snow from basement stairwells, window wells and all walls. Melting snow can lead to water damage; once trapped moisture gains entry through an open space or crack, increasing the risk for mold growth.
  • Roof Damage: Most residential roofs should be able to hold about 20 lbs per square foot without becoming too strained, according to Allstate's Prevention Zone tips. To reduce the chance of a roof collapse, remove snow from your roof as soon as snow buildup nears 10-12 inches.
  • Remember: Do not use snow removal equipment intended for pavement use, as this could damage your property's roof cover system. Instead, use a snow rake with a long extension arm that allows you to do this while standing on the ground. Hire a professional contractor if you are unsure or do not feel safe attempting snow removal from your property's roof.

More Info? You can learn more about severe weather prep by checking out tips on Frozen Pipe Prevention!