Coolest Home Safety Tips

Coolest Home Safety Tips

Did you know June is National Safety Month? Every year, the National Safety Council encourages businesses, individuals and organizations to educate themselves and others about the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. The coolest home safety tips reduce risk and prevent hazards from happening!

Risk Reduction. 2014's National Safety Month theme, "Safety: It takes all of us," was inspired by continually improving risk reduction - the key pillar in a successful safety campaign. The coolest home safety tips are preventing potential hazards by identifying them early. It is the best way to engage a good safety campaign.

Safety at Home. There are many tools available for the public to access helpful information and guides regarding National Safety Month specifically for home safety. One of the most interactive tools was designed by The Health House Preferred Products program (HHPP). The HHPP allows you to take a virtual tour to view information about general-use products and common appliances via common areas and rooms within a home.

June is National Safety Month: Coolest Home Safety Tips

Here are some of the coolest home safety tips & most helpful facts found in the Health House Virtual Tour!

Ventilation: Dryers should be properly vented outside of the home to reduce moisture build up inside of the home. Cleaning the dryer vent thoroughly can help reduce the risk of a fire. Check out 'How you're your dryer vent works' for more info!

Storage: Properly dispose of unused chemicals (such as paints, solutions, etc) instead of storing them in your home. Certain products can off-gas leading to lung irritation, nausea, etc. For key home detox tips, check out 'How do I detox my home?'

Dehumidify: Relative humidity levels should be kept between 35%-50% in order to reduce mold growth potential, and your family to remain comfortable. To help control excess humidity and moisture levels, a dehumidifier may be necessary in areas such as a damp basement.

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