A Quick Look Back On Community Impact | AdvantaClean Foundation

A Quick Look Back On Community Impact | AdvantaClean Foundation

AdvantaClean is dedicating the month of February to taking a quick look back on community impact efforts from across our network.

Our owners have continued to step up and give back to their local communities by volunteering their time and expertise to making the ultimate difference in the lives of those who need it most.

The AdvantaClean foundation exists to ensure a healthy home and business for the communities we serve.

A Quick Look Back on Community Impact | AdvantaClean of the East Side-Bellevue, WA

Terry Thomas, owner of AdvantaClean of the East Side, was contacted by the mother of a terminally ill child. She was upset because she found mold growth on the walls of his bathroom and was concerned about the damaging effect it could have on his already delicate health. Terry immediately made an emotional connection with the customer, and drove that same day to their home with an air scrubber he planned on donating to the family.

After a closer look at the situation, Terry estimated the cost of mold remediation at $1,000. He initially offered a 50% discount, but ultimately decided to do the job at no cost after learning of the family's mounting financial struggles (due to a home remodel to make their home wheelchair-accessible).

For this family, Terry and AdvantaClean of the East Side are heroes. He put their minds at ease by enabling their son to spend his final days in a clean and healthy home.

A Quick Look Back on Community Impact | AdvantaClean of the Northwest Chicagoland- East Dundee, IL

The Northwest Herald reported that Traci Leigh, Therapy Center Manager, contemplated shutting down her therapy center for good, due to severe thunderstorms and flooding in the area... that is until JT Maier, Owner of AdvantaClean of Northwest Chicagoland, decided to provide the $6,000 to $10,000 service at no cost.

Midwest Center

"It's incredible because we're not sure if the insurance is going to cover a lot of the damage here," said Leigh, the center's equine manager. "It just saves us a ton of money that we don't have because everything we make goes back into the program. It's a huge donation on their part. It means a lot."

The four-day process for clean-up involved cleaning with anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and disinfectant chemicals to remove bacteria caused from water contaminated by horse feces. AdvantaClean also worked to break apart office walls to remove mold so the building could be fully dried-out.

AdvantaClean helped Leigh achieve her goal "to get these kids in for therapy on Saturday"!

A Quick Look Back on Community Impact | AdvantaClean of South Wake and Johnston Counties- Garner, NC

Missy Schoning, the Executive Director for the Christian Life Home, a maternity home in Raleigh, NC, had just left her appointment with the Wake County Community Foundation. She had attended the meeting in order to thank them for their generous donation which made it possible for Missy to replace the carpet in the maternity home's office. A few years ago they had a flood that caused water damage to the carpet and created a mold problem.

After the meeting, one of the board members, Chuck Riesebeck, approached Missy. He explained that his business, AdvantaClean, performs water removal, structural drying, mold testing and remediation, and water damage repair. Chuck gave Missy his business card and told her that if it ever happened again, to feel free to call him and that he would see what he could do to help.

When Missy got back to her car, she noticed a message from her office manager. Apparently the previous night's rain had partially flooded their office! Missy immediately called Chuck to explain what had just happened.
Chuck offered to come over right away.
A Quick Look Back On Community Impact

Upon arrival, Chuck assessed the situation and helped them salvage the new carpet by using dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out the office and the carpet. Missy was overjoyed that the new carpet was still intact and there was no sign of mold.

AdvantaClean Cares about Community Impact!

With 2015 well underway AdvantaClean is looking to increase our community impact efforts this year. If you know of an individual, family, or a non-profit that could benefit from our services, Please email us!