Our Corporate Responsibility | AdvantaClean Cares

Our Corporate Responsibility | AdvantaClean Cares

The Catalyst Behind Our Corporate Responsibility

The AdvantaClean Foundation exists to demonstrate our corporate responsibility to the well-being of people in our communities and represents part of our core values as a company.

We know there are many worthy stories out there, but we'd like to take this time to share with you some stories in particular that hold a special place in our hearts. They are the catalysts behind our corporate responsibility and what we call the AdvantaClean Foundation.

Here is the story of Team Victoria: Just One Catalyst Behind Our Corporate Responsibility

On January 17, 2007, the Martinsen family heard the words a parent never wants to hear - that their four-year-old daughter Victoria had cancer. Victoria fought a courageous battle for two years, and as she neared the end of her journey, her family crossed my path.

I'm not sure how or why, but her name ended up on my desk, and I reached out to the family. That one day and the weeks following would have a permanent impact on me.

The Martinsen family needed help. Not only was cancer taking away their daughter, but a mold problem was preventing them from bringing her home.

A pipe had flooded their kitchen a few weeks earlier, and in the process of mitigating the loss, mold was discovered behind sheetrock and in the ductwork. The timing couldn't have been any worse, as Victoria was preparing to come home for the last time, under Hospice care.


AdvantaClean Emergency Services of Charlotte mitigated the water damage, but they wouldn't leave the Martinsen home until they were sure the home was free of mold. Several area franchise owners pitched in to remediate the mold and clean the air ducts. In the days following, Chris Stefanco took air samples and installed high-grade filters to ensure the air in their home was as clean as possible.

After several weeks in the comfort of her own home, Victoria peacefully took her last breath on November 2, 2009. Two years later, the Martinsen family still keeps in touch with AdvantaClean, and although they lost their daughter, they remain steadfastly thankful that her last few weeks were spent in a clean and healthy home.

Our Corporate Responsibility | AdvantaClean Cares

For stories such as this, and for those numerous untold stories, is why the AdvantaClean Foundation exists. We take our corporate responsibility seriously and are looking to increase our efforts in 2015. If you know of a family or a non-profit that could benefit from our services, please email us.

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The story of Team Victoria is told by Ashley Honeycutt. Ashley has been with AdvantaClean since November of 2002. She currently serves as the company's Corporate Secretary and administrator to the AdvantaClean Foundation.