Remembering Nicholas | Corporate Social Responsibility

Remembering Nicholas | Corporate Social Responsibility

Sunday February 22, 2015-Remembering Nicholas

Nicholas Thornton
On November 12, 2013, AdvantaClean was contacted by Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC, with a request to assist a local family whose 11 year old child was diagnosed with cancer.

Nicholas, an active 11 year old from Kernersville, North Carolina, was diagnosed with severe Aplastic Anemia in early 2013. As a result he suffered two intracranial hemorrhages. For over ten months, he underwent treatment, including a bone marrow transplant, at Levine Children's Hospital.

Many of us take the air we breathe for granted, but for those with compromised immune systems, the presence of mold spores or other contaminants is a serious threat. Among the many precautions that had to be taken to bring him home, Nicholas could not leave the hospital until the air in his house was safe to breathe... and his family suspected that their 1940's farmhouse had indoor air quality issues.

Over the years, AdvantaClean has developed a direct relationship with Levine Children's Hospital, and stands at the ready to step in and serve the needs of those in these questions asked. When Nicholas' bone marrow transplant coordinator uncovered the need, she immediately knew who to call.

With the assistance of local franchisees, AdvantaClean coordinated efforts to inspect the home, take air samples, write a remediation plan, and conduct the mold remediation, including post testing. Ron Weatherly with AdvantaClean of Charlotte sent a remediation team of four to Nicholas' home on short notice to remediate every surface of the home. Post-testing results showed a 90% decrease in mold spores. As a result, Nicholas was able to go a clean, safe and healthy home.

It is a year ago today that we learned of Nicholas' passing. Although he is now gone, he will never be forgotten and will forever be in our hearts. The AdvantaClean Foundation will forever be humbled to have played a part in Nicholas' homecoming.


The story of Nicholas is told by Founder and CEO Jeff Dudan. Jeff's focus on developing the AdvantaClean brand centers around building servant leaders and perhaps most importantly, corporate culture. The AdvantaClean Foundation is a direct result of Jeff's belief in corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community. He also coaches youth athletics and serves in an advisory position to a 503(c) 3 youth organization.