UV Rays and Windows

UV Rays and Windows

UV Rays and Windows (Part I) : The Dangers

How Expensive are Your Windows...Really?

Windows are a vital part of any home. They create a warm, inviting atmosphere, when the sunlight floods a room, and (when opened) they bring fresh air into your home when the weather is just right. Without windows, our homes would just be depressing boxes that would make anyone feel claustrophobic.

But did you know that windows play a vital role in our health and our energy bills? That's right, that same sunlight that brings brightness to a room can also lead to health problems and a much higher energy bill.

UV Rays, Windows and Skin Cancer

Many people don't realize it, but regular window glass doesn't block out all the harmful UV radiation that comes from the sun. So you may think that your skin is safe because you don't go to the beach often and you don't use tanning beds, but if you spend a lot of time near a regular window, your skin is bombarded with UVA radiation.

While it is true that glass filters out UVB radiation and reduces the damage to your skin, the UVA radiation still passes through the glass unaffected.

UV Rays and Windows are such a problem that dermatologists all over the country have noticed a trend where patients present with significantly more skin damage on their left side than their right side. Why? Because many Americans spend a lot of time driving in their cars, with their left side of their bodies exposed to constant bombardment by UVA radiation.

In your home and office, it's very much the same problem. If you like to read books by the window, or your table is situated somewhere near a window; your skin is continuously exposed to UVA radiation from the sun's rays. Over time, this causes the DNA in skin cells to mutate and leads to a variety of skin cancers, with one of the most common being squamous cell carcinoma.

Although squamous cell carcinoma has high survival rates when caught early, it can wreak havoc on your physical appearance, as treatment often involves surgical removal of skin patches, which can leave extensive scars and disfigurement that will require cosmetic surgery to fix.

Higher Energy Costs

Another problem with regular windows is that they cause your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the desired temperature in the house. During hot months, the light heats up the home through the window glass, causing the air conditioner to work harder. And during winter months, poorly installed windows allow heat to escape.

More Info? Stay tuned for our next post, we will be discussing solutions to the UV Rays and Windows issues discussed above!

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