Mold Poisoning: Could it be the reason for your unexplained Illness?

Mold Poisoning: Could it be the reason for your unexplained Illness?

Mold Poisoning: Could it be the reason for your unexplained Illness?

Imagine, for a moment, that someone was living in your home and you didn't know about it...You go about your daily routine thinking that everything is fine, but a small creature found places in your home where it could hide, living completely undetected. Maybe this creature decided to make itself comfortable in your attic, or in the crawlspace under your house, or in the air ducts. Worse, unbeknownst to you, it was quietly poisoning your family.

The only thing you'd notice is that your family started becoming unexplainably sick; your children became diagnosed with asthma, you have constant allergies and headaches, and some days you feel so sluggish that you can barely get out of bed. So you keep going to the doctor, but no one seems to have any answers...because no one knows the real cause of the problem; that there is a creature quietly living in your house, poisoning your family. Unfortunately for some, this isn't a fairy tale or a plot of a horror flick but a reality.
Mold Poisoning

Is there Mold in Your Home?

Mold can grow anywhere inside your house where the conditions are optimal; lack of sunlight and high humidity. Typically mold can be found under the sink and around leaky water pipes, inside walls, attics and in crawlspaces. It can also situate itself quite comfortably in air ducts (where humidity can accumulate as air cycles through your house).

How Mold Makes you Sick

Mold releases chemicals toxic to humans and animals, and because mold spores are so tiny they can easily make their way inside your body through the simple act of breathing. Overtime, this constant exposure can lead to mold poisoning.

Just one example (out of millions!) is the story of the well-known actress, Suzanne Somers. When she and her husband moved into a rental home, they didn't know it was infested with mold. They simply couldn't see it! The mold was hiding in hard to see places. Unfortunately, she and her husband became so sick that doctors told her husband he had early stage Parkinson's disease and Suzanne was diagnosed with cancer! Luckily, what they later discovered, was that mold was actually causing all of their symptoms.

Unfortunately, like Ms. Somers, many people don't realize that mold is the root cause of their health problems, and spend years (and sometimes decades) struggling with the effects of mold poisoning.

Here are some symptoms of mold poisoning:

  • Constant allergies
  • Regular sinus infections
  • Shortness of breath
  • Migraines
  • Lung infections
Mold Poisoning

Why Mold Makes you Sick

High concentrations of mold have been known to make people very sick. While mold is a natural organic decomposer in our environment, a large-enough quantity of mold inside a house can make anyone sick, but it's clear that people with asthma or other respiratory ailments or auto-immune disease are even more susceptible to mold poisoning.

Improving Your Quality of Life - Today

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if you see or smell mold you should consult a mold specialist.

If you suspect a mold problem in your home, have experienced water damage (recent or distant), or are noticing mold symptoms and have consulted your doctor with no results you should schedule a mold inspection with a mold specialist!

Call AdvantaClean @ 877.800.2382 to schedule a professional inspection with a mold specialist today!

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