Go Green This Halloween: DIY, How To, Tips & Ideas!

Go Green This Halloween: DIY, How To, Tips & Ideas!

Go Green This Halloween!

When you think of ways to go green this Halloween, chances are your mind conjures up images of ghostly goblins and ghouls and other green-clad monsters whose popularity has earned them front-and-center spots on stores' costume shelves - the Incredible Hulk, Frankenstein's Monster, even Mike Wazowski from Disney's Monsters, Inc.

But if you're interested in saving a little money on those store-bought costumes, you can go green this Halloween by reducing, reusing, and recycling - a mantra that not only helps the environment, but your wallet as well.

How to Go Green This Halloween

The Environmental News Network and The Nature Conservancy both offer a few tips on how you can go green this Halloween:

  • Make your own costume. Consider visiting thrift stores and yard sales to find fun hats or funky-patterned fabrics that can be cut and re-crafted as opposed to buying pre-made plastic or vinyl costumes which are likely to contain toxic chemicals that can harm you and the environment.
  • Get the most out of your pumpkin. Pesticides from conventional farms are huge pollutants in streams, rivers, and lakes, so this Halloween, think about buying your pumpkin from a local farm. And when your Jack-'O-Lantern has served its Halloween purpose, eat it! Go green this Halloween by scooping out the seeds and roasting them, use the insides for soup or pie, and use the flesh for pumpkin muffins, breads, and stews.
  • Use reusable bags for collecting candy. Instead of buying plastic pumpkins for candy collecting, opt for the old fashioned pillow case or a reusable cloth shopping bag.

Check out this roasted pumpkin seeds recipe you and your kids will love!

Craft your own Halloween window silhouettes with this DIY how to.

  • Decorate your home with homemade crafts. Go green this halloween by using tin cans from the recycling bin to make pumpkins, skulls, and bats; rake the leaves in your yard and stuff them inside old clothing to make a "dead body;" cut silhouettes out of paper shopping bags or newspapers to hang in your window; or simply recycle the decorations you bought last year or 10 years ago.
  • Trick or treat for a cause. You can go door-to-door for UNICEF or you can find a more local cause. Either way, trick or treating with a donations box is a great way for your kids to learn about fundraising and how to help others.

How to Go Green This Halloween andYear-Round

Go Green this Halloween AND throughout the year. There are plenty of all-natural home cleaners you can make for yourself year-round. Read our post This Spring Clean With the Safer Choice for some how-to's on making your own green cleaning products.

What's Scarier Than a Monster Under Your Bed?

While you're cleaning, if you happen to come across something even scarier than a spooky ghost or a ghastly goblin - mold! - be sure to call AdvantaClean for a professional mold inspection.

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