Family Preparedness Binder

Family Preparedness Binder

Family Preparedness Binder

As you may already know, September is National Preparedness Month. National Preparedness Month is an entire month devoted to educating the public about the best ways to prepare for emergencies like storms, floods and earthquakes. At AdvantaClean we feel it is important to be prepared in case of any emergency.

Over the past month, we have discussed various components of Disaster Preparedness. Earlier this month, we discussed How To Put Together Your Own Emergency Kit, Hurricane Preparedness, 6 Tips for Preventing Water Damage and Mold after a Hurricane or Major Disaster.

What is a Family Preparedness Binder?

A Family Preparedness Binder is geared to managing your family in the case of an emergency. The binder contains Legal Documents, Insurance Information, Retirement and Investment Information and Estate Planning Documentation.

Why do you need a Family Preparedness Binder?

In case of an emergency, this binder is great to have handy in a grab and go situation. While it's ideal to never have to use this binder, in case of emergency, it will make your life easier! You will you have everything you need in one place. In the event of an evacuation for a hurricane, flood, fire, tornado or earthquake you want to have something that is easy to grab that has all of your vital information, documents and notes for your family.