Hurricane Preparedness: Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Preparedness: Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Preparedness: Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Season

With hurricane season around the corner, the AdvantaClean team is working hard to help our customers prepare and mitigate the potential property damage. However, though hurricane preparedness is a vital tool for protecting your family, home and property, some news outlets seem to be playing down the potential dangers. That's because this year is expected to produce a below-average number of hurricanes, so some mistakenly believe this means less property damage. But at AdvantaClean, we've been helping our clients with hurricane preparedness for years, and our team is keenly aware that it's not just about the number of hurricanes, but their severity. All it takes is just one strong hurricane hitting your area, and before you know it, you need to evacuate. Are you prepared?

Hurricane Preparedness: Make an Emergency Kit!

Many households know about the importance of emergency kits, but few take the time to prepare a comprehensive one. Check out our blog post How To Put Together Your Own Emergency Kit for an in depth discussion of what to include in your emergency preparedness kit.

Here are some of the basic items that should be contained in your emergency kit:
  1. Medical Supplies
  2. Food
  3. Clothing
  4. Supplies

Hurricane Preparedness: Have A Plan!

Even with advanced warnings of oncoming storms, it's not uncommon for families to become separated during an emergency. For example, one person may be at work, in a different part of town. Because of this, it's vital to discuss ahead of time how you will communicate with each other.

Stay tuned for our Free Printable Family Preparedness Binder Template. This binder will help you create a plan of action for any emergency event.

Hurricane Preparedness: Do you Live in an Evacuation Zone?

Another aspect of hurricane preparedness is knowing if your house falls into an evacuation zone. These zones are set up by your local agencies to estimate whether your area is likely to be flooded during a hurricane or cut off from other roads or means of transportation.

As part of hurricane preparedness, ensure that you're ready to leave when a storm starts, as soon as an evacuation is announced. Knowing if your property is in an evacuation zone will give you a head start, and will help you avoid getting stuck.

Also, if you do need to evacuate, make sure you know where the nearest public transportation routes are located. In many cases, public transportation can be the fastest way to leave an area, rather than getting stuck in your car on the highway.

We can help you prepare and keep your family and your property safe. For more information about hurricane preparedness, and protecting your property and valuables from water flood damage contact us at 877.800.2382!