How to Allergy-Proof Your Day

How to Allergy-Proof Your Day

How to Allergy-Proof Your Day

Ah, spring. The flowers are in bloom and love is in the air ... unfortunately, so are allergy triggers. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that nearly 40 million Americans suffer from hay fever, or better known as seasonal allergies, every year. With everything from weeds to mold spores to grass and tree pollens floating through the air, it's no wonder that airborne allergen levels are rising, putting you at risk of sniffling, sneezing, and itchy eyes.

Living with Allergies

While you can't avoid allergies altogether, you can help reduce your symptoms. CNN Health offers the following tips for ways to allergy-proof your day:

You might also want to consider setting your HVAC system to "recirculate" to help exclude pollen and mold from the air in your home. Scheduling an air duct cleaning to remove the pollen and mold spores that are trapped in your ductwork is a great idea because otherwise, you're recirculating all of those allergy triggers.

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