Avoid Winter Skin Problems and Love Your Skin!

Avoid Winter Skin Problems and Love Your Skin!

Easy Winter Skin Problem Home Remedies

Between cracked lips and red, flaky cheeks, the winter air can be unforgiving when it comes to your skin. WebMD feature writer Jeannette Moninger explains that low temperatures paired with low humidity often lead to winter skin problems including dry, flaky, and itchy skin. "Everyone needs to protect their skin from drying out in the winter. But if you have a skin condition, you should step up your routine," says Moninger.

Avoiding Winter Skin Problems

  • Avoid Winter Skin Problems:Add humidity to your home. Portable humidifiers or those that work with your heating system put moisture into the air that will be absorbed by your skin and hair, easing winter skin problems.

  • Avoid Winter Skin Problems: Regularly change the air filter of your home's HVAC system.According to Jeffrey May, an expert on indoor air quality and the author of My House is Killing Me, your HVAC system is likely your home's biggest culprit of harboring not only dust mites, mold, and other microbial growth, but also dry air being pulled in from the outside if your system is not set to "recirculate."

  • Avoid Winter Skin Problems: Clean your air duct system.Before setting your HVAC system to "recirculate," consider having your air duct system cleaned so that any trapped mold spores or particulates don't get the chance to circulate through your home.

Getting Rid of Winter Skin Problems

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