A New Year, An Improved Home: Top 5 Resolutions for Homeowners

A New Year, An Improved Home: Top 5 Resolutions for Homeowners

2019 is almost here, and you probably have a lot of leftover items on your 2018 to-do list, including tasks to care for your largest and most important investment: your home. So instead of going in blind like you probably did this time last year, with a fuzzy list of “I should’s” in your head, why not get things rolling in the New Year the right way by make a concrete list of resolutions that you can actually achieve in 2019? Here are our Top 5 recommended resolutions that we think are completely doable for homeowners to plan for in 2019:

  1. I resolve to waste less energy.
    This is something we all talk about, but it’s so easy to not invest the time and money needed to really make a difference for the environment, not to mention your bank account! So this new year, look into the plethora of ways you can waste less energy and save money in your home -- everything as grand as solar panels to as simple as recaulking your windows and resealing the cracks around your doors. Or maybe it’s time to upgrade your toilets to newer models that use far less water per flush than their 20th century ancestors. You can also hire a company like AdvantaClean to clean your air ducts and dryer ventilation system. This will save you money on your bills and give you cleaner, healthier air to breathe all year long! Caulk seals around windows for a more energy efficient home
  2. I resolve to make a budget for improving my home.
    So many times we say things like, “I’m going to invest in my home!” -- but then we don’t earmark any money for small or large projects. Or if we do, we end up using it for other things throughout the year that don’t last as long as our home will, or things which won’t give us a return on our investment. So make a line item in your family’s budget for the place you live because aside from the people living under it, nothing is more important than that roof over your head! Be realistic when you do this, too -- if you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home, don’t expect to spend only a few hundred bucks a year. It will most likely be thousands, and if you don’t set cash aside throughout the year, you can end up further in the hole because you’ll have to borrow money to make the necessary repairs.
  3. I resolve to clean up the clutter.
    A more organized home makes it so much easier to clean your home, and a cleaner home means a healthier and happier home. Yes, this takes time, and of course you’d rather be watching the game or doing yoga or any number of other things, but you’ll enjoy those other things even more when you get your pad cleaned up the right way! The first big declutter and deep-clean will be a pain, but it will be worth it because it will be so much easier to maintain if you invest a little bit of time each day. Remember, you’re not just investing in short-term happiness -- every little scrub and sweep and pickup of clutter will also help with your home’s long-term value.
  4. I resolve to grow something. Freshen your indoor air with small plant
    Even spending a few dollars on a small plant for the interior of your home is a statement about your commitment to supporting life of all kinds on our planet. This is important not only because plant life freshens your air and brightens your space, but it also reminds you of the importance of caring for all of creation. Planting a garden is an amazing experience where you’ll learn a lot and even physically feel better -- but even if you’re in a small apartment, you’ve got a square foot somewhere that can house at least one leafy friend. (Or spiky if you prefer a cactus!)
  5. I resolve to eliminate indoor fumes.
    If you smoke inside, you’re introducing an incredible amount of toxins into a closed environment that is terrible for your property value, but more importantly for the health of everyone else in the house (and especially you!). Even if you don’t smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products, you need to think about the harmful effects of smoke on your indoor living environment from your fireplace. Don’t burn commercially-produced logs because they can contain nasty chemicals -- stick to all-natural wood. Make sure your ventilation systems are functioning properly so you’re not breathing in carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas that can kill you! And, consider spending a little more for the VOC-free paints that will keep you from breathing in all kinds of harmful fumes when you’re sprucing up your walls and fixtures.

Five ways to improve any home of any size -- that’s doable, right? Here’s to an improved 2019!

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