Looking for gift ideas that aren’t just the typical clothing, toys, and household gear? We’ve come up with a list of gifts that are unlikely to duplicate what the recipient already has—and they’re practical, healthy, and usable. These gifts won’t just sit on a shelf, and they can be given on any occasion.

Gifts Ideas that Improve Health and WellnessThe Gift of Music 🎶
Wholetones is music created at certain frequencies that have been shown to calm the brain, improve focus and relaxation, and reduce stress. Show someone you care about them by helping them wind down with music!

Red Light Therapy
If you’re looking for gift ideas that improve health and wellness for someone who struggles with their skin, red light therapy or photobiomodulation could be a good gift for them. Not only does it improve skin and help with collagen production, but it also improves mitochondrial function in the body.

Acupressure Mat
Using this gift at home for a few minutes a day could help your recipient improve their sleep, relieve tension and increase relaxation. With thousands of acupressure points that help increase blood flow to your back and neck muscles, an acupressure mat can help reduce inflammation and pain as well as release endorphins. The neck pillow can also treat tension headaches and neck muscle pain.

Gifts Ideas that Improve Health and WellnessSunlight Lamp
Seasonal Affective Disorder affects a lot of people, and a full-spectrum sunlight lamp could help. With a bulb that simulates daytime, it can have the same effect on the brain indoors in the winter as sunlight does outdoors during the summertime, lifting the mood and aiding healthy sleep patterns.

Cruzee Bike
Have someone age 5 or under on your list? This is a training bike without wheels or pedals that helps to teach balance. Kids can handle it all on their own—no need for an adult to carry it or put it away.

CSA Membership
Not only does this gift support local farms—it also provides fresh vegetables all year. “Community Supported Agriculture” means that the recipient will be sharing in the yield of a local farm that year. You can search for CSAs nearby and give a gift that’s good for your loved one and the local economy.

Massage Tools
Get your recipient a trigger point massage tool or chair to release tension in hard-to-reach spots in the back. They’re great to use while watching a movie or reading, and will help with optimal relaxation—a truly enjoyable way to improve health and wellness.

Gift Ideas that Improve Health and WellnessAir Duct Cleaning
Air duct cleaning from AdvantaClean involves removing dust and contaminants that accumulate in the home’s air ductwork. Because ductwork is often located out of sight, behind walls and above ceilings, it can be easy to neglect—which can cause long term problems with air quality. The gift of clean air may be a unique idea, but it is both thoughtful and practical as well!

A Balance Chair
If you know someone who works at a desk most of the day, a balance chair may be a good gift for them. It combines a yoga ball and a rolling chair to engage the core and negate some of the harms of sitting all day—and most offices will accommodate an ergonomic chair like this one.

Home Moisture Control
If you know someone who recently purchased a home, home maintenance gifts are a great idea. Since moisture can lead to so many problems like mold, mildew, and structural damage, the gift of moisture control services such as AdvantaClean’s attic ventilation and crawl space encapsulation will show how much you care about your recipient. Both of these are ways to eliminate excess moisture and ensure that your loved ones and their home are safe for years to come.

Probiotics for the Home
You or your loved one may not know it, but our homes have a microbiome just like our guts, our mouths and our skin. Many scientists believe that our gut and skin microbiomes can suffer if we live in an environment that is too sterile—so one way to support them is through probiotics. Homebiotic is a spray that introduces beneficial bacteria into your home to ward off mold and odors. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, even if you can’t see it.

We hope this list of unusual but practical gift ideas was helpful, and that you were able to find something you can give with confidence.

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