Halloween is almost here, and if you’re planning on sharing some tasty treats with trick-or-treaters, you may want to think about offering some allergy-friendly options. Millions of American children have food allergies, and peanuts and milk are two of the most common. So if you want to satisfy as many kids as possible who come to your trunk, your door or wherever you’re sharing treats, why not take a safer but still fun approach? Obviously we can’t give you a comprehensive list for every kind of allergy issue in America, but here are 5 of our favorite allergy-friendly Halloween treats!

  1. Popcorn: Who says you have to do candy on Halloween? So many people love popcorn that you’re sure to please just as many folks with this option as you would with a sugary candy. Popcorn also comes in so many flavor choices – mix and match, or just choose your favorite kind. Your guests will love you for it!allergy friendly halloween treats
  2. Caramel Apples: Buy them pre-made at the store, or just get a few bushels of apples in bulk and put your own delicious spin on this American classic – just remember that nuts are a very common food allergen. Also make sure to get some plastic wrap so they’ll stay free of germs when you pass them out.
  3. Chewy Candy and Gum: Many candies that are gummy and most kinds of gum have fewer or zero common allergens, so these can be a great way to spread the love in many different shapes and flavors. Always check the label or consult manufacturers’ websites to be absolutely sure about the ingredients.
  4. Hard Candy: Many kinds of hard candies are allergy-friendly, too. Peppermints, lollipops, and so many others can be a great choice, especially if you’re on a budget. If possible, try to wait as long as possible to buy them in bulk at your local store because you’ll probably cash in big on their deep-discount sales!
  5. Non-Food Options: A great way to include every child is to have some small, fun items on hand. What about some little green toy soldiers, glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark strings, mini-tattoos or blowing bubbles? You could also do some fun pencils, pens, erasers, bookmarks, crayons or other educational supplies. Or, maybe go for some silly mustaches? The list goes on and on – so get creative and have fun with your treats!Allergy friendly halloween treats

In 2014, a movement called the Teal Project was formed by the organization Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) to encourage households to have allergy-friendly options available and signal this to passing trick-or-treaters by placing a teal-colored pumpkin outside your front door. For more information, see Just think about how great it would be to show every child who knocks at your door that he or she is special and deserves a fun, allergy-free treat for Halloween. Have a safe, allergen-free Halloween!

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