Buying a new home is an exciting time. After the process of inspections, loan finalization, and filling out all that paperwork, the real fun begins when it’s time to move in. Congratulations!

This checklist of important things to address before you move in will hopefully help make the process easier on you as a new homeowner. Other than packing everything up and buying new furniture, there are several details to address to be sure your house is ready. We’ve also included some things that are easier to tackle before the house is filled up with everything your life entails.

  • Confirm Utilities Are On
    Assuming all of your utilities will be fully functional as soon as you receive the keys would be a mistake, as most sellers arrange to have them turned off the day of the closing. To prevent a lapse in service, one next step after closing on a new home is to be sure to call all of the companies you’ll be using for electric, gas, and water, and switch the services over to your name. If you plan on using the same internet and cable provider as the previous owners, you may be able to do the same with them.Next Steps After Closing On A New Home
  • Deep Clean Entire Home
    Having the house cleaned before you move in can help start things off on a fresh foot. The home might not be in top shape after contractors have been in and out of the house and the sellers have been busy moving out. Having the house cleaned—including, ideally, the carpets—will give you peace of mind for your move-in.
  • Replace Batteries In Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    This is an important next step after closing on a new home. It’s always better safe than sorry: even if the detectors seem to be working properly, switching out the batteries will ensure that you and your home are protected from dangerous possibilities.
  • Set Up Mail Forwarding
    Through the United States Postal Service website, you can quickly and easily arrange for your mail to be forwarded from your former address to the new one. They will continue forwarding your mail for a year, so you have time to change your address with all of your banks, credit card and insurance companies, healthcare providers, magazine subscriptions, and so on.

We hope these nest steps on closing on your new home, help make your move a little easier!

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