Healthy air is essential to a quality life, so your home or office needs clean air in order to give you the best living and working spaces possible. Indoor air pollution is one of the top environmental health risks in the United States – so if you haven’t thought about having a professional cleaning of your ventilation system, or if you’ve been putting it off, take a quick 15 minutes to examine your home or office for the 4 signs it’s time for an air duct cleaning:

Sign #1: You can’t remember the last time you cleaned your air ducts.4 Signs It's Time For An Air Duct Cleaning
Chances are, if you can’t remember the last time you did an air duct cleaning, you either didn’t do it at all, or you’re well past the recommended annual maintenance for your ductwork and ventilation system! Routine upkeep is so important for the health of your home because new toxins are introduced to your environment every day. From your pets to the items you bring in and out of your house, dirt and debris can collect in your vents and then recirculate throughout your living and working spaces. A professional air duct cleaning will give you both peace of mind and health of body.

Sign #2: Your floor registers are dirty.
Take five minutes and find a floor register in a high-traffic part of your home. Now, detach the cover with a screwdriver and take a quick peek inside. Do you see dust and other debris caked onto the interior surfaces of your duct? If so, this is a telltale sign that you need an air duct cleaning now. When this dirt starts to collect, the more it will collect: in other words, once harmful contaminants have a sticky foothold, the problem will only continue to grow. You could try to get out the dirt you can see by yourself, but what about the remainder of the ductwork between the register and your central heating and air conditioning system – can you really reach every surface? This is where hiring a dependable and properly-equipped air duct cleaning provider like AdvantaClean will make a world of difference.

Sign #3: Your ceiling registers are dirty.4 Signs It's Time For An Air Duct Cleaning
Now, take five more minutes and get a small stepstool or a chair and safely get yourself up to the ceiling to repeat the process with your ceiling registers. You might not even need to remove the register – if you can see a dark strip around the cover or on the register itself, you’re looking at dust and other toxins which have collected over time as air has been blowing through your ventilation system. Even if that’s the case, take a look inside anyway, because you’ll want to see how nasty things have gotten inside your ceiling vents. If you find a layer of debris inside, then you’ll know for sure that it’s time to schedule an air duct cleaning to make sure that those toxic particles aren’t going to be circulated throughout your home or office any longer.can't

Sign #4: Your return grill is dirty.
Even if you’ve passed the first three tests, take another five minutes and remove the return grill cover outside your HVAC system itself. Replace your air filter if it’s dirty, and then take a look behind the filter to see how much dirt, dust and dander has collected in the return ductwork. You don’t want to see debris in this area because if it’s there, that means it’s also inside your HVAC system itself, from the blower motor to other internal parts that can run less efficiently and less cleanly. A professional air duct cleaning will get your return ductwork and the rest of your ventilation system back into the cleanest shape possible – and that means you’ll breathe easier with the knowledge that the air in your home and office is much healthier than before.

If you’ve got any of these 4 signs that it’s time for an air duct cleaning. Make sure to contact an indoor air quality professional. Be sure to find a company who follows the NADCA guidelines and is a certified to avoid a poor cleaning job.

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