Difference Between Commercial and Residential Duct Cleaning

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning services can be an important part of your home and business maintenance budget because it can help to eliminate harmful, toxic particles from the indoor air environment of the places where you live and work. But if you need an air duct cleaning for your home or commercial business, it will be helpful to understand the difference between commercial and residential duct cleaning as you consider hiring a professional service provider. First we’ll discuss the major differences between residential and commercial HVAC systems and then cover the ways in which an air duct cleaning might differ when it’s time for this important service.

  • Residential HVAC systems usually consist of a unit on the exterior of the home (which has the compressor, condenser and fan) and another unit somewhere in the interior of the home (which has the blower, evaporator and condensate drain). These two systems work together to provide hot and cold air through your ductwork throughout the year. Because they stand alone, residential systems like these usually aren’t able to be modified in a major way without replacing the entire system itself.
  • Commercial HVAC systems, on the other hand, are usually all together in one unit on the exterior of the building. Many times these systems will be on the roof of a larger facility, and they are more modular than residential systems. This means that it’s easier to modify them if needed to meet the changing needs of a business that might occupy the various parts of the building which the system is heating and cooling. Commercial systems, because they’re usually larger, are almost always more expensive on the whole, even while the fiberglass duct board is cheaper per foot than the metal ductwork often used in homes.
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  • The biggest difference between a residential and commercial air duct cleaning is probably going to be the time and cost involved. Because commercial HVAC systems are often less accessible and will require climbing onto a roof or finding the safest way to get to the ductwork in high ceilings inside, labor charges will be higher for a commercial job. The ductwork in commercial buildings is also longer and generally larger in diameter, which means it can take more time to clean them properly. In a residential setting, especially in a smaller structure like a home, it can be a lot simpler and less expensive to get a thorough air duct cleaning because registers on the floors, walls and ceilings are more easily accessible to the air duct technician. The HVAC units themselves are also smaller and can be more easily reached to clean.
  • In spite of these differences, the common thread between a professional residential and commercial air duct cleaning service is a commitment to attention to detail and getting into every nook and cranny of your ductwork to brush, blow and suction out all the toxic particles that have been collecting throughout the ventilation system since your last cleaning. Any service provider worth their salt is going to ensure that there aren’t any corners being cut – from the HVAC system itself all the way to the registers that deliver the hot and cold air to your living and working spaces, a truly professional air duct cleaner will get every foot of ductwork to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. You shouldn’t settle for a second-rate company that doesn’t have a well-established reputation for superior service – do your homework to avoid the shady providers. Take the time to do some research for your own peace of mind!

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